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"We did a major home renovation which included a complete remodel of our kitchen. We could not be more pleased with the results of the work Legacy  Builders did. We recently began an outside project and once again Legacy Builders is doing the job."
-Danielle B., Cornelius

Legacy Builders have over 100 years of experience in home improvements and building.  You can count on our integrity and trust our builders to transform your exisiting space into a room you love for years to come. 

Our homeowners come to us looking to increase home value, increase space, improve energy efficiency, reducing home maintenance, or increasing the comfort and appeal of the home.  All of these are great reasons to transform any space.  A great home improvement will add significant value and improve the appearance of the home. 

Kitchen Makeover

Cornelius, NC

We enjoyed working with this homeowner on a complete kitchen remodel.

Home Improvement Trends

Outdoor Living

Because outdoor living is such an important part of fully taking advantage of living in this area, homes in the Greater Charlotte and surrounding areas need functional, attractive backyard entertaining spaces where we can spend time with family and friends. Expanding your home’s usable space into your backyard not only allows you to more fully enjoy your property, it can also increase your home’s value and set your home apart from the competition, if you choose to sell at some point in the future.

Bathroom Remodels

Your bathroom might function just fine, but it’s always a good time to put in new plumbing, and get rid of that boring plain mirror and replace it with a beautiful framed one. Don’t forget the lighting — lighting is everything, especially for ladies who spend so much time checking our make-up and changing our outfits.
Legacy will combine practical design principles with the best modern materials to ensure that, going forward, your bathroom will look its best and last as long as possible with a minimum of maintenance and cleaning.

Kitchen Makeovers

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Family and friends gather and spend most of their time here.
Let's consider installing new appliances, upgrading your countertops and lighting,  or putting in new cabinets to make it more functional and aesthetically pleasing. Perhaps your current kitchen lacks a breakfast bar, or you simply want to increase your homes' value, whatever the reason, Legacy will customize your kitchen remodel to your needs.

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